IndiSmart Hotel

IndiSmart will be the bedrock of the services extended to our guests and our values of Indismart will guide us in how we manifest smartness


We will provide guests the required assurance of their safety. Demonstrate reliability, provide all services that have been committed, be empathetic towards their anxieties, and personalize their stay in spite of restrictions.


Continuously demonstrate awareness about the evolving situation and adapt our offerings keeping safety and guest comfort as priority.


While it is a stressful time, we will continue to create memorable experiences for our guests and associates .


• All associates will be required to wear the prescribed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at all times. Masks to be worn in the heart of the house areas.
• Hygiene kits (sanitizers, tissue papers, masks) will be provided at all interaction points for guests and associates to use.
• Hands to be sanitized or washed frequently, especially after any contact with surfaces which haven’t been disinfected.
• All guests will be greeted respectfully saying ‘Namaste’ with folded hands.
• Social distancing norms (1meter) will always be followed by all associates.
• All exchanges between guests and associate will be followed by disinfection and sanitization (pens, bill folders, menu cards, keycards, luggage handling ,photo identifications, cash transactions etc.).
• There will be no cluster seating across the hotel.
• Discreet messages encouraging social distancing will be visible all across the public areas.
• Everyone is a Housekeeper 24hours, 7days a week. Associates will disinfect their own work spaces every 45 minutes.


• Non-invasive thermal testing conducted for all associates at the time office on arrival to work. Associates with cold, cough or temperature of more than 98.6°F or 37.3°C will inform their supervisor and stay at home. Hotel will provide doctor’s assistance to associates reporting in sick.
• Alcohol based sanitizers will be placed at all critical touch points in the heart of the house areas. e.g. lift landings, corridors, entrance of washrooms, lockers, uniform rooms, employee dining, etc.
• Associates will adhere to social distancing norms by queuing at circular indicators marked at time office, uniform room, employee dining and other high traffic areas.
• Facilities such as associate gymnasium, recreation rooms, bunker sand crèche will be temporarily suspended to ensure social distancing and safety of the associates.
• Lockers, washrooms, showers and elevators will be cleaned and disinfected every 45 minutes.
• Gathering in groups is discouraged. One-on-one discussion in person is permitted, if absolutely necessary.
• Heart of the House areas will be well ventilated and treated fresh air units will be on always. If air-conditioned, the temperature will be maintained at 24°C (+/-1°C).


• Only single occupancy will be provided unless guests are a family unit.
• The associate will high light to the guest about changes in the service design and promote contact less service while promoting options for digitally sharing of health assessment forms, copies of photo ID’s, digital payment etc.
• Guest will be requested to share a digital copy of the photo identification prior to check-in.
• The Brand booking website will feature all the changed service offerings and would also be communicated to the guest along with the booking confirmation.


• The porch will have a desk setup with the Hygiene & Safety kit. Guest body temperature will be recorded, and guest will be requested to fill in a health declaration form before entering the lobby.
• Traditional welcome will be discontinued to adhere to social distancing norms.
• Luggage will be disinfected.
• Security check will be done only through the Door Frame Metal detector (DFMD). Security associates will NOT use hand held metal detectors.
• Guests in self driven cars will be requested to park their own vehicles in the designated parking areas.


• All hotels will have a queue manager with circular demarcations to ensure social distancing during check–ins.
• Guests will be offered a pre-packaged drink at the lobby or a preferred drink served at the room entrance as a welcome drink.
• Only rooms which have been rested for 72 hours post disinfection will be allocated to a guest.
• Guest will be briefed about the hotels level of preparedness in hygiene and safety and the changed service offerings.
• Photo identification will not be scanned if the copy has been shared by guests digitally.
• Guests will be explained changed service offerings such as Wi-Fi connection details, emergency procedures, in room dining menu etc.
• In city hotels, guests will not be escorted to the room to maintain social distancing. If the guest is visiting the hotel for the first time, directions to the room will be provided.
• A welcome letter detailing service changes and essential communication will be pre-placed in the room
• Visitors of the guests will not be permitted access to guest floors.
• Elevator floors will be marked with directions for guests on how to stand.
• Lobby surfaces and floors will be cleaned using a surface disinfectant every two hours.


• Fog master will be used for spraying and disinfecting the interiors & exterior of the car prior to every pick up and drop.
• Chauffer driven cars will only accommodate a maximum of 2 guests at a time.
• Bottled water and sealed wet wipes, masks & sanitizers will be available in all cars.
• Guest luggage will be disinfected before placing in the boot
• Valet parking will be temporarily discontinued. All guest cars will be directed to the limited designated parking area by the Security team.


• Only one associate will be allowed to enter the room for the purpose of cleaning, placing laundry and additional amenities. Room cleaning will be done when the guest is not in the room.
• Rooms will go through the highest levels of sanitization; associates will be in prescribed PPE and will use tested chemicals to disinfect surfaces.
• Magazines, fruits will be delivered only on request.
• In Room Dining & Spa menus along with hotel facilities will be available to guest through a QR code or a laminated menus.
• All surfaces such as wall coverings, mattresses, furniture, furnishings, bath fittings, floors and floor coverings also including identified high touch points such as door handles, drawers, remote, bed side tables will be disinfected daily using alcohol-based sanitizers.
• Gargle glasses, bath amenities, private bar inclusions will be single use, sanitized and sealed.
• All departure rooms will be thoroughly cleaned along with the steaming of sofas and curtains, tumble dry of all duvets, cushions and pillows. The rooms will be rested for a period of 72 hours before being allocated to the next guest.
• All public areas such as lobby, guest elevators, restaurants, meeting rooms, corridors, banquet areas, spa, salon, porch and periphery will go through scheduled cleaning a minimum of 4 times a day or more depending on usage.
• Guest laundry service will continue to be provided. All guest laundry as well as room linen will be treated using enhanced wash cycles and anti-bacterial.


• Spa and fitness centre will remain closed for service until advised by the concerned Government authorities.
• Hotels will actively communicate with guests about the safety and hygiene practices being followed in these areas.


• All-Day Dining and In Room dining will be operational for in-house guests. Non-resident guests will be encouraged to make a prior reservation, wherever applicable.
• Hygiene and sanitization are of priority and a hygiene kit (sanitizer, tissue, sealed wet wipes) will be placed for guests and associates in strategic locations.
• Table reservations will have to be made in advance.
• Restaurant sitting will be realigned to provide a minimum of 3 meters distance between tables and 1 meter between two seats.

• No covers will be pre-set on the table. These will be provided with the order. High quality paper napkins will be provided instead of linen options.
• Buffet breakfast will be initiated if the occupancy is over 60%. If not, then a la carte orders will be taken. Condiments like sugar, jam, honey, butter ,toothpicks will be individually packed.
• All-Day Dining and In Room Dining will offer limited menu offerings of popular comfort food. The menu will be available on a QR code placed on the table. Disinfected laminated menus will be offered on request.
• All food will be dispensed from either a show kitchen or from the main kitchen. No live counters will be operational.
• The dishes will be single serve, small plates for individual portions.

• Wine by the glass will be encouraged.
• The guest will be provided with a nice bucket, mixers & garnish on the table and encouraged to mix their own drinks. Cocktails will be served from the dispense bar.

• Single-serve individualized bar snacks will be provided.
• To limit the exposure, through the service period only one associate will interact with the guest (including order taking, food pick up, clearance, billing, checking for satisfaction)
• Digital payments will be encouraged.
• Tables and chairs will be disinfection prior to seating a guest.
• All service and clearance one through In Room Dining will be from the guest door step. Associate will not enter the room.
• The Private Bar will be stocked once prior to guest check in. Further replenishment will be done on guest request.


• Guests will be requested to settle all bills through digital payments. Exchange of cash will be discouraged.
• Credit cards will be placed on a tray and sanitized while receiving and handing over the card.
• Payment receipts will be emailed to all guests. Handing over of physical copies will be discouraged.
• Folders and pens will be sanitized prior to handing over to the guest.

Namaskar !

We are ready with all kinds of protections and safety norms complying with FH&RAI guidelines to receive Guests during this situation.
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